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Transitional Care Development Heightens Industry Competition

According to Senior Housing News, two new players are meeting demands in post-acute care with an innovative $150 million pipeline project.

Wellbrook and National Healthcare Realty (NHR) have partnered to develop 20 transitional care properties over the next three years in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, and Montana.

Wellbrook’s post-acute concept is to situate state-of-the-art transitional rehab facilities near hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living communities to tap into the strongest patient flow. In addition to design, the concept is committed to efficiency with a 24/7 admissions policy and physical therapy every day of the week. NHR Principal Jecoah Byrnes says the goal is to have patients healed, rehabbed, and back in their homes within a 10-24 day window.

“All of the demands for this product type are being driven by health care reform,” Byrnes says. “Hospitals have to be responsible about where they discharge their patients, driving higher utilization of these beds. That’s why we think there’s long-term viability in this property type.”

Source: Senior Housing News. New Players Attack Unmet Post-Acute Demand.