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Survey Reveals Best Target Markets for Senior Housing Brands


A recent Media Audit survey shows where the most seniors are likely to consider moving to a retirement community and how they’re most likely to be reached. The survey, compiled by David Cwi of Cwi Associates, examined a random selection of 23,392 adults age 65 and older in 83 metro areas.

Of respondents age 65 and older, most likely to consider a move to senior housing were those in Madison, WI; Peoria, IL; Topeka, KS; Cincinnati, OH; and Southern New Hampshire.

Survey findings also showed that radio, television, and newspaper may still be the most effective ways to reach even older audiences. News, talk, and public radio reach 65.5 percent of adults age 75 and older, and 64.7 percent of the same group read both weekly and Sunday newspapers. Only 8.5 percent reported no television exposure at all during the day. TV viewing levels peaked between 7:30 and 8:0o pm.

Strategies for reaching older audiences can begin by identifying regional receptivity. Large-scale surveys can also provide an external validity check to keep marketing efforts focused and directed.