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CEOs Weigh in on Bringing Sexy Back to Senior Living

vintage-635244_1280CEOs at last week’s Senior Housing News Summit discussed ways to enhance the appeal of the senior living industry for a new generation seeking meaningful work.

“We are not that sexy of an industry,” said Lynne Katzmann, founder and president of Juniper Communities, “We have to talk about senior housing differently.” Facing both huge growth and huge staffing shortages, C-level leaders explored ways to infuse their sectors with new life.

Enlivant CEO Jack Callison suggests scouting talent from across corporate America. Enlivant’s recruiting focuses on filling three “buckets”: Non-industry personnel and recent MBA graduates, along with current industry veterans.

The American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) works with various universities, reaching out to hospitality, health management, and real estate programs—particularly those specific to long-term care and gerontology.

Executives agree on the necessity of new strategies and practices. Many hope that opening up new personnel funnels will infuse senior living with diverse perspectives and fight high turnover with a stronger sense of culture and career path for prospective employees.

Source: Senior Housing News. Senior Living CEOs: “Bringing Sexy Back” is Industry Imperative.