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IT Outsourcing May Keep Senior Living Solvent

A Black Book survey of hospital CFOs may have implications for senior living facilities.

The survey reveals that revenue cycle management (RCM) may be the largest determiner of hospital viability, which is increasingly impacted by the demands of electronic health records (EHR) and the electronic health information exchange (HIE).

Doug Brown, Managing Partner of Black Book says that “most hospitals have no choice but to look for next generation RCM solutions in order to keep their organizations solvent.” He points out that, along with EHRs and HIE, reimbursment challenges are “driving many marginally performing healthcare organizations to the brink.”

According to the survey, 86 percent of CFOs self-identified from a “struggling financially” hospital believe they must leverage next generation financial system technologies, including software and outsourced services, to keep solvent. This increased demand for RCM services has already grown that industry to $2.8 billion, up 13 percent since 2013.

The Black Book survey represents 590 hospital and inpatient organizations from 45 states. Their ratings rank McKesson RelayHealth #1 in RCM software customer satisfaction and client experience among small/rural and community hospitals under 250 beds. Zirmed is #1 for large hospitals and academic medical centers over 250 beds for comprehensive RCM, as well as being the #1 RCM software system for Hospital Systems, Chains, and IDNs.

For senior living facilities facing similar record-keeping, billing, and reimbursement challenges, outsourcing their RCM may be one of the keys to ongoing viability.

Source: Black Book Market Research. CFOs Stress Need for Next Generation RCM Tools but Hefty MU Investments.