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5 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Ignore Online Search

The rise of the Internet has brought many changes to marketing, and the senior living industry is no exception. Today, seniors are getting online more than ever. Not only are they searching for senior living options, but their tech-savvy adult children are getting involved in the process, too. Because of these factors, online search is more important than ever! Here are five reasons you simply cannot afford to ignore online search.

Customer reviews are important

In a recent study by, 78% of survey respondents stated that customers were the most important source of information when deciding on a senior care facility. Since so much research is now done online, you’ll want to have your reviews at the top of search results. You can easily highlight reviews on your website and social media pages, which will make your future clients more likely to see them, and in turn, more willing to look into your community.

Boomers spend up to 23 hours a week online

Baby Boomers, many of whom are currently the adult children of seniors, use the Internet frequently. With smartphones, tablets, and computers becoming more accessible and easy to use, it’s no surprise many people are choosing to get information online over traditional sources like television and magazines. This is a huge window of opportunity for senior living marketers. Not only are Boomers doing research for their parents, but many of them are also planning ahead for their own senior care.

Baby Boomers are making decisions more than ever

Adult children of seniors play an important role in the decision-making process — and conduct much of the research. This particular demographic of 50 to 68 year olds is more tech-savvy than generations prior, and they gather most of their information on the Internet.

75% of adult children use sites like Google to research senior living

Over three-quarters of the adult children surveyed for a study conducted by Google declared search engines to be the prime source of research for senior living communities. Google is by far the biggest search engine on the web, so paying close attention to their data will help guide your campaigns.

Potential clients rarely look for companies by name

The majority of people who search for senior living on the Internet search for broad terms at the beginning of their searches. Searches for both assisted living and senior living are growing, showing that future residents and their families are researching different options and facilities before making decisions. Instead of prioritizing your company’s name in search, consider incorporating these popular search terms in as well.