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Where You Live Matters

A new resource in senior living promises an “enormous upside” for everyone in the industry, said ASHA President David Schless of the American Seniors Housing Association‘s recently-launched website, Where You Live Matters.

The website’s goal is to offer “unbiased, fact-based, and time-tested answers” to seniors and their adult children on a variety of relevant topics, from wellness to finances to lifestyle options.

For this five-year, multi-million-dollar initiative, ASHA has assembled leading experts in successful aging to write editorials providing research-based, professional insights.

American Seniors Housing Association was organized in 1991 as an industry resource for research, conferences, and advocacy. It boasts over 400 members and the largest political action committee on Capitol Hill dedicated to “supporting federal candidates who understand and are favorable to the interests of seniors housing.”

Where You Live Matters aims to fulfill the ASHA mission of supporting “research and national initiatives that enable senior customers to receive high-quality services and age with dignity in the setting of their choice.”

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