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Senior Living Pricing Transparency Boosts Site-Qualified Leads

Two happy senior people sitting with tablet computer at pool If your senior living community is still cagey about posting costs online, it may be time to rethink your strategy.

According to new Lead InSite research, pricing transparency on your website is one of the most important content areas visitors use to pre-qualify themselves as leads. In fact, for those conducting initial searches, financial pages jumped from the fourth-most-visited to second-most-visited site pages between 2014 and 2015.

The Lead InSite research reports on three key areas:

  • How visitors find and arrive at websites
  • The onsite “Journey to Conversion”
  • What content and tools best deliver pre-qualified prospects

In 2015, 39% of first-time visitors to a senior living community’s website came from organic search. The primary source of return traffic (40%) came from direct search, and 56% of leadbase conversions came from return visitors.

This is the first year return visitor conversions outpaced first-time conversions. Visitors return to your site because they believe your community is a viable option, and much of that belief stems from whether or not they think they can afford to move there.

For prospects, financial information ranks second in importance. Once a prospect converts, price importance drops, but it’s still in the top four for highest traffic areas.

The bottom line? Financial pages increase site engagement and are the best source of information by which visitors may be “qualified.” Once they’ve decided they’re a fit based on finances, they turn their attention to other areas of your site as they complete the sale.

Source: Lead InSite. Online Research Behavior in the Senior Living Industry