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3 Free Webinars for Health Care and Senior Living

Webinars can be a great way to learn a lot in a short amount of time. They’re more interactive than white papers, and they often include downloadable slides that you can reference and share with your staff.

Here are 3 upcoming webinars to help you make the most of the new year:

Next Week: How to Measure Success for Your Senior Living Community

December 15, 2015

Senior Living CRM leader Enquire Solutions is offering a metrics webinar to help you measure what matters most and leverage metrics to grow your community. CIO Erin Hayes will also cover the most important tools for tracking and reporting on data.

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Next Month: Use Big Data as a Competitive Advantage

January 28, 2016

If leveraged intelligently, Big Data can offer unique insights for the Senior Living industry. In this webinar, Jonathan Parnell, Founder and CEO at Tuliva, explains what Big Data is and how companies can use it to gain a competitive advantage. He’ll also look at improving data integrity and intelligence.

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Anytime: Glynn Devins Senior Living Marketing Webinars


Senior living marketing firm Glynn Devins offers a rolling schedule of webinars on everything from reputation management to marketing automation. Access these on your own schedule. Great for ongoing professional development.

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