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Authenticity Strengthens Assisted Living Marketing

Senior Housing News on Monday shared four provider perspectives on including residents in their marketing and sales processes. Their strategies aim to deepen the authenticity of a prospect’s experience and, ultimately, attract more residents to their communities.

In general, the benefits seem to outweigh the challenges. Communities who involve real residents in their marketing see higher referral leads and positive feedback from both residents and prospects. Reporter Amy Baxter observes that, “beyond photographs, videos, and personal testimonies, providers are getting their residents involved on the sales end by giving tours, hosting lunches, and volunteering to meet with prospective residents to answer questions and share personal experiences.”

According to Dean Delaria, director of sales at Friendship Village,“when the residents can engage with a prospective and discuss what it’s truly like from a first-hand point of view, it carries more credibility than our sales team can convey.”

Source: Senior Housing News. Senior Living Replaces Cookie-Cutter Marketing with Personal Touch