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3 Resources to Boost Your Senior Living Sales and Marketing Performance

Senior living providers face plenty of challenges. Competition among senior housing companies is heating up as they race to provide the newest amenities to attract residents, but they also face competition from alternative models, such as in-home care and the newly emerging “DIY” retirement communities.

To compete in this environment, senior living companies need to ensure that they are investing their resources in the sales and marketing tools and techniques that work best.

However, research suggests that many of them aren’t doing as well as they could be. For example, a recent study by Merrill Lynch found that 85% of seniors would prefer to age at home, while only 10% would prefer an assisted living facility. As Cambridge Realty points out, “This statistic alone is sufficient evidence that the value of assisted living facilities is not fully communicated to seniors as well as to the family members who often are the main decision makers in placing loved ones in an assisted living facility.”

Education is the key to your community’s sales and marketing success. Here are three resources to help senior living executives identify their community’s strengths and weaknesses and improve their sales and marketing strategies.

1. Free Senior Living Sales and Best Practices webinar

On June 10, CRM and call center provider Enquire Solutions and integrated marketing agency The Growth Co. will offer a free webinar on Senior Living Sales and Marketing Best Practices. You will learn how to use benchmarking data to improve your sales performance and select the best channels to increase your sales and marketing ROI. Reserve your spot today.

2. 100 Best Senior Living Marketing Tips

Glynn Devins has put together 100 marketing tips that cover everything from words that capture attention to how to do social media marketing, all available in a pdf download.

3. Online Marketing Tool Kit

This kit from ALFA includes articles, pdfs, and a presentation on Internet marketing from the ALFA 2014 Conference & Expo.