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3 Tech Startups Changing Home Health Care

On average, 10,000 people turn 65 each year. The signs are already there in senior housing development design and the evolution of luxury retirement options. But what about seniors who want to stay home or can’t afford a retirement community? For large numbers of retirement-age Americans, aging in place is the most preferred option. That means reimagining how we provide care for those choosing to stay in their homes even as their needs grow.

Moving forward, senior housing providers may find collaboration with home health care to be not only beneficial but practically necessary. Providers may also find that online platforms and mobile apps reduce the level and cost of agency involvement. Here are three strong online networks already revolutionizing home health care.


eCaregivers is first and foremost not an agency. It’s an online platform that connects Caregivers and Care Seekers. Those seeking care can choose plans specific to their budget and needs. There’s a seven-day free trial offer and an annual $99 fee to join. Rates vary after that, depending on the level and amount of care needed. eCaregivers’ direct-connection approach keeps costs low for customers and sends more money directly to the caregivers.

eCaregivers does not employ workers, they are simply a connective platform. Caregivers upload credentials and pass criminal, background, and driving records checks through the site. After that, Caregivers and Care Seekers negotiate rates and payment methods directly.


Founded by Silicon Valley investors, Honor’s mission is “to help older adults stay well so they can live in their own homes for as long as they choose.” They’re also committed to tackling the challenges of the caregiver profession, and to help it become, in the words of influential investor Marc Andreessen, “a more professional job, and a better paying job, a job where people have a lot more respect.”

Rates at Honor range from $25-$35 hourly, $276 daily, and $480 monthly. Clients receive a custom-built touchscreen device which runs the Honor app to track changes in needs and communicate with caregivers and family  members. Honor employs a range of professionals to coordinate, provide, and support the care that clients receive.

Home Hero

Less than two years after it was founded, Home Hero was providing over 1 million hours of care to seniors across California and was named the #1 Employment Website of 2014. Like Honor, Home Hero’s founders saw an antiquated, neglected home health care system and tapped into the promise of technology to consolidate methods and lower costs.

Home Hero provides expert geriatric consultation, as well as a tracking app and home security services. They use matching algorithms to pair clients with caregivers and provide 3-4 video interviews with caregivers for clients to watch before making their choice.

Finding ways to partner with home health may help senior housing leaders keep a strong foothold in the longevity economy. Check out this toolkit from Leading Age with more resources for building those partnerships, and keep an eye on Aging 2.0 for the latest in the age-tech industry.