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Nurturing Innovations in Alzheimer’s Care

The Alzheimer’s Association predicts that 25 million baby boomers will develop Alzheimer’s disease by 2040, and 40% of assisted living residents currently have some form of dementia.

ALFA has outlined some best practices the senior living industry is implementing to better care for and engage residents with Alzheimer’s.

  • Building designs that incorporate safety elements with natural light and flow, open layouts, and sensible room adjacencies.
  • Memory boxes filled with photos, artwork, letters, and souvenirs that can help recall memories and spur creativity.
  • Snoezelen rooms that use light, sound, scent, and music to initiate sensual experiences that help elevate awareness for residents with Alzheimer’s and strengthen their communication with caregivers.
  • Dining experience techniques that include specially-designed china and finger foods that residents can eat while walking around.
  • Activities that create new experiences or modify beloved pastimes, improving quality of life and reducing wandering and agitated behaviors.

Source: Associated Living Federation of America: Senior Living Provides Solutions for Residents with Alzheimer’s Disease.