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7 Stories Worth Telling About Your Senior Living Community

For your senior housing community, fostering relationships beyond your front door might be as simple as getting the word out. Don’t be afraid to drop a quick press release or let your media sources know about the latest developments on your campus. What makes your community unique? Lots of things. Who should know about it? Everyone!

Here are 7 newsworthy things your community is probably doing that the world–and prospective move-ins–should know about.


Technology adoption is on the rise among older adults. Those who adopt it report feeling happier and more connected. If there are those in your community making positive use of technology, spread the word to the greater community and help them connect even more.


A major trend in senior living is toward better nutrition, quality, and variety in the kitchen. Put residents with a flair for gardening in collaboration with your dining services and watch them cook up a story worth telling.


With shows like Chopped and Top Chef bringing so much attention to the culinary world, why not let your community join the fun? Maybe you’re already running classes or contests, or letting residents help with meal preparation. If you’re cooking together, gather the press around your community’s table and let them spread the word.


Does your community boast accomplished vocalists or instrumentalists? Are they gathering regularly to make music or offering lessons in their spare time? Maybe you want to highlight the impact of music on resident memory and quality of life. Let those stories sing the community’s praises so others will want to join in.


According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 27% of gamers are over age 50. Playing video games might also help keep aging brains young. Whether it’s tabletop or online, every age loves a game. See who the gamers are in your community, and invite the press to play.


Retired teachers and professors tend to be lifelong learners. Maybe your residents are going back to school to keep their brains active or offering tutoring services to local students. If your community has a passion for books and ideas, maybe they can teach the world a thing or two.


If you’ve got a great library or swimming pool, why not invite the community in to enjoy it? If you offer five-star dining, brag about it! Your chefs and specialists are newsworthy ambassadors for all the ways you’re providing quality care and services.


Few baby boomers want to disappear behind the walls of a retirement community in the later years of their lives. Retirees and older adults today prefer intergenerational connections driven by interests they’ve spent a lifetime cultivating.

The benefits of good storytelling run both ways. Recognition for your community boosts referrals and move-ins and can positively grow your programs. Stories also demystify the lives of your residents for the broader community, building bridges for intergenerational awareness and collaboration.