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Wellness Activities Boost Senior Living Resident Satisfaction

The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) and ProMatura have teamed up on a new wellness benchmark report. The report aggregates responses from 86 CRCCs and 24 independent living or independent-living-plus-assisted-living communities.

According to Margaret Wylde, Ph.D., CEO of ProMatura Group, speaking in this McKnight’s article, “The data confirm that customers (residents) who continue to actively maintain their fitness, flexibility and interaction with others are happier with their lives and the community in which they live.”

The report is available for purchase online, and enrollment in the benchmarking system is free to retirement communities (IL, AL, CCRC, active adult). “Wellness” is measured through a variety of quality-of-life offerings, including

  • Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Resident life
  • Activities
  • Therapy

ICAA membership is not required for enrollment. Downloadable webinars for interpreting benchmark reports and for getting started with benchmarking are available on the ICAA website.

Sources: International Council on Active Aging. McKnight’s Senior Living. Report: Wellness activities improve resident satisfaction, length of stay