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How to Select Senior Living CRM Software

Customer relationship management, or CRM, software helps senior living communities increase sales through managing, recording, and evaluating customer interactions. You can also use it to manage and facilitate employee, vendor, and partner relationships, as well as keep track of accounting and other operational data. In addition, CRM software can be integrated with other applications, like marketing automation.

Many senior living CRM solutions are available. Here are several factors to consider in choosing a CRM for optimal integration and success.

Identify your business objectives

Are you implementing a CRM system because you want to increase occupancy? Generate leads? Forecast sales? Different CRMs has different strengths, so know exactly what you want to get out of yours. This will help you prioritize the things that are important to you and make sure they are taken care of first.

Calculate affordability and ROI

Senior living CRM systems range significantly in price, so make sure you know your budget and the goals for your investment. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. More expensive doesn’t always mean better, either. If you know your goals and your budget, you can identify the CRM solution that best fits both.

Prioritize usability

Some CRM systems have easy-to-navigate, clean interfaces that are ideal for senior living sales teams. Others require more advanced technical capabilities and may have a lot of features your sales team probably won’t use. When selecting any type of software, it’s important to understand your employees’ strengths and willingness to learn so that you don’t choose something that will be more trouble than they feel it’s worth.

Consider scalability

What is your vision for the future of your business? Will you add communities? Expand into other areas of senior living? If your goal for your company is growth, you need CRM software that can support that growth. So, choose a system that works well for you now, but is also up for the challenges that come with expansion.

Research vendors’ reputations and track records

CRM software has been around long enough to have a decent number of organizations try out most options on the market. Search for client reviews online, talk to a friend who has had experience with CRM, or contact the company directly for testimonials before settling on anything.

Customer relationship management software, when chosen and used properly, can be a huge asset to your business. This CRM Comparison Report from provides a comprehensive analysis and comparison of today’s top senior living CRM solutions — use it to explore the best path for your business and choose a CRM system that will enable you to reach all of your business and marketing goals.