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Tech Startups Prioritize Affordable Home Health Care

According to a recent Home Health Care News article, home care startup eCaregivers puts power in the hands of families to find affordable home health care. The website provides a platform for connection with local, background-checked caregivers independent of a formal home care agency.

eCaregivers prioritizes affordability without compromising on quality of care. Families connect directly with workers, avoiding the administrative overhead of an agency. Seniors and their families stand to save up to 50% on home health costs, amounting to as much as $36,500 per year.

Workers for eCaregivers set their own rate ranges, which vary, depending on the level of care. Honor, another recent home care startup, guarantees their workers $15 per hour but provides the same direct connection between caregivers and families.

Rachel Kenselaar, eCaregivers’ founder, believes technology will supplement a lack of infrastructure in the face of the oncoming “tsunami of seniors.” Kenselaar brings a background in home health care, unlike similar tech startups, Honor and HomeHero, which got their start in the tech industry. She plans to expand along the East Coast before exploring options for additional markets.

Source: Home Health Care News. Home Care Startup Doubles Down on Affordability.