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First E-commerce Site for Senior Living Furniture Goes Live

Upholstery fabric samples on a white background ** Note: Shallow depth of field Now there’s an online furniture option for high-quality senior living environments. Senior Furnishings, of Pasadena, CA (also in Sydney and London), is setting an industry standard for furniture specific to senior living needs.

According to their press release, furniture specifically designed for seniors requires narrower armrests, firmer cushioning, and wear-and-stain resistant upholstery. In addition, Senior Furnishings is committed to providing products that are “hand-crafted, finished by hand, using the finest wood, and best possible materials.”

The Senior Furnishings site also offers lines of artwork, accessories, and botanicals. These products serve an exponentially growing senior population with increasingly discriminating tastes. Their furniture is designed to accommodate seniors who age in place as well as senior living communities.

Source: PR Newswire. First Online E-Commerce Site to Offer Senior Living Furniture for the Home or Senior Living Facility