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Step Up to the Plate: The Pitch for Senior Living Sales


Spring’s the time to put a house on the market, and many senior living prospects are past their holiday move-in reluctance. In preparation for the new season, the sales experts at Senior Living Smart have compiled a spring training manual to help you step up to the plate.

To improve your batting average, SLS offers three areas where you can come out swinging for better success (hint, they spell BAT).

B is for Behavior

Highest-value behaviors in senior living sales are voice-to-voice and face-to-face interactions with prospects. In fact, recent benchmarking data reveals it takes 19 contacts to reach conversion in independent living. Assisted living and memory care require about half as many. Next comes knowing your top 10 prospects and where they are in their decision-making journey so you can add those creative follow-up touches that let them know you’re truly involved in their process.

A is for Attitude

A could also stand for “approach” or “advance.” The mindset you have when you approach a prospect sets the tone for your interactions. Shift your attitude from “always be closing” to “always be advancing.” With this mindset, the buyer’s journey becomes your destination. Stay open to continually learning the unique offerings of your community in order to best articulate its value to your prospects against the competition.

T is for Training

In the same way as “advancing” replaces “closing” in your sales lexicon, “in training” should replace “trained.” The landscape of senior living is undergoing seismic change, so make it your job to learn and keep learning all you can. Sit in on webinars, attend conferences, join LinkedIn groups, and sign up for newsletters from those at the forefront of change and innovation.

It’s a great time for fresh starts and budding perspectives, and in this game you play so that both teams win. Prepare your pitch, and get ready to knock senior living sales out of the park.

Source: Senior Living Smart. Spring Training for Senior Living Sales Professionals!