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Venture Capital Finds Home Care Software

According to Business Wire, home care software provider ClearCare has secured strategic funding from McKesson Ventures, venture capital arm of McKesson Corporation.

This is significant as more Americans choose to age in place and point of care shifts increasingly toward the home. ClearCare home care network is the largest in the nation and serves four of the top five national home care enterprises. Their network of partners provides more than 150 million hours of care each year, a number that is growing by roughly three million hours of care every month.

This news comes alongside buzz from the CCRC industry about the necessity of increased collaboration. Doug Leidig, President and CEO of Asbury communities told Senior Housing News that a growing theme among CCRC peers is the shift toward home- and community-based services. Leidig points to collaboration and partnership, “with nonprofits across various business lines—IT, transportation,” in order to keep up with this trend while maintaining campus-based facilities.

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