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Senior Living Communities: Assess Your Sales and Marketing Landscape

Enquire Solutions has a new senior living management report to help bring your senior living sales and marketing to the next level.

Experts have long praised the value of self-assessment in education. Corporate storytellers also recognize it as foundational to effective brand strategy.

Enquire’s report card provides shared points of contact for senior living marketing departments to identify successes and collaborate on improvements.

The Enquire report card offers self-assessment scales in the following areas:

  • Inquiry management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Database management
  • Lead nurturing
  • Website and mobile optimization
  • SEO and online marketing
  • Social media
  • Reputation management

The report card also gives facts and solutions for all the areas it measures. With the report card you’ll learn:

  • How to capture inquiries like a pro
  • Main considerations when choosing a CRM
  • Lead-nurturing must-haves
  • Website breakdown, including mobile optimization, specific to the senior living industry
  • SEO and automated sales processes
  • Social media insights
  • How to master reputation management

Even if departments disagree on scoring initially, discussion of varying perceptions will help align goals and streamline action toward greater sales and marketing success.

Download the Senior Living Sales and Marketing Report Card.