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Routine Maintenance, Proactive Care Improves Safety, Comfort

Operational efficiency (or inefficiency) is an invisible force that impacts all aspects of the senior living experience.

Josh Malbogat reports for McKnight’s that routine, proactive maintenance of senior living facilities not only cuts down on expenses but has the power to affect and improve health and safety, not to mention quality of life, for all residents.

For example, in addition to lowering repair costs, routine inspections and replacement of filters in HVAC units can cut down on resident health issues like respiratory illnesses or heat-related deaths.

Take extra care to maintain promptness and safety during repairs, as well as to communicate clearly and efficiently, using reliable, centrally-located reporting systems, says Malbogat.

Though it can feel like a secondary concern, care for senior living facilities can have serious personal implications on residents, for good or ill.

Source: McKnight’s: Senior comfort and care extends into maintenance