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Assisted Living Choices Driven by Online Reviews

Now, in addition to finding nursing home reviews on Yelp, emerging trends show the generally increasing significance of all online reviews in consumers’ choices of assisted living facilities.

According to last year’s Software Advice survey, as many as 88% of North American consumers now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations when searching for an assisted living facility for themselves or a loved one. Of the eight out of ten surveyed who consulted online reviews, 53% said they were moderately to significantly more likely to pay more for a facility with more positive online reviews.

Of the information provided by assisted living facilities in their profiles, the most important to online consumers was cost, location, and years of operation.

In customer reviews, information about amenities and services was considered most valuable, along with a ratings score.

Comments that proved most popular had to do with cleanliness and environment, medical assistance, and staff engagement.

Source: Software Advice: Online Review Use in Assisted Living Facility Selection