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Report: First of Quarterly NIC Skilled Nursing Data


Since October of 2011, the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care has been building a database of skilled nursing providers. This week they’ve released the first of what they intend to be quarterly data reports.

Approximately 1500 properties contributed to the current report that provides data through December of 2015. For a sector that is changing so quickly, NIC believes it’s important to keep data current for investors.

This first report shows, for example, that occupancy decreased 180 basis points from 2011-2015, most likely because of higher turnover resulting from declines in average length of stay. These numbers, NIC believes, have more to do with changing health care requirements and payment structures than with any true investment risk.

NIC is expanding its pool of participating operators to provide differentiated state and metropolitan data. They’re hoping that with data that is just 60-90 days old, as opposed to government data that’s 12-18 months old, they’ll de-mystify the skilled nursing sector and boost investor confidence.