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Livistry’s Top 5 Reads of 2015

Livistry is committed to being your source for news about the senior living and elderly care industry. Here are our five most popular posts from 2015, in case you might have missed one. Happy reading in 2016!

Emerging Trends in Senior Dining Experience

As the senior population grows, so do their needs, tastes, and preferences in the realm of dining. Recent initiatives to improve the senior dining experience have even caught the attention of former hospitality industry professionals, and their influence is steadily transforming the way seniors experience food on a daily basis.

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Are Your Senior Living Tours Losing You Business?

Are your tours inviting people to your community? Or are they driving people away? A recent study by found that most prospects — 83%, in fact — tour more than one community, with more than half visiting three or more. What can you do to make your community stand out and ensure that your tours are increasing your occupancy, not causing you to lose business?

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5 Benefits of Content Marketing for Senior Living Communities

Content marketing is a strategic approach to marketing that includes the creation and curation of content. In successful senior living communities, content marketing is an increasingly important part of the overall marketing strategy. This article offers five benefits of implementing content strategy in your community.

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Top 10 Senior Living Housing Trends for 2015

Demand for senior housing options is rising, meaning more and more senior living choices are on the horizon. Niche markets, technology, and digital solutions are just a few of the things to look out for in 2015. Thanks to a rising stock market, recovering home prices, and slowing health care spending, it seems like these new choices are economically sound decisions to implement this year.

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Senior Living Marketing: Who is Your Audience?

Traditionally, much of the senior living industry has been marketed directly towards seniors themselves. It makes sense: the choice to relocate is theirs, and where they choose to go is their decision. But have you ever thought about who may be helping them reach those decisions?

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