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Prospects Seem Strong for Senior Housing Sector

National Real Estate Investor and the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) released exclusive research last week that says the overall outlook remains positive for those investing in senior housing properties or planning new construction.

Beth Mattson-Teig reports the second quarter of this year showed more senior housing units coming online than any other quarter in the past six years.

Lenders and buyers alike seem to be looking to profit from what Noah Levy, head of Senior Housing for Prudential Real Estate Investors calls “a growing demographic tailwind.” This tailwind promises to carry investment in senior housing properties well into the coming decades.

Baby boomers whose parents now live in senior communities will sooner or later begin searching for housing themselves. Survey respondents believe those growing numbers have potential to meet and exceed even the current market’s “bullish” optimism.

It remains to be seen how changing demands will shape future interest in the growing, abundant supply. For now, senior properties have become “more of a mainstay asset type” says NIC Chief Economist Beth Mace. “Transaction volumes go up. . . creating greater liquidity in the market.”

Source: National Real Estate Investor: Exclusive Research: Outlook for Seniors Housing Sector Remains Bullish, Slideshow: 13 Insights into the Senior Housing Sector